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BRIDGET K. LYONS (Tampa, Florida)

Bridget "BK" Lyons is a Florida Artist who focuses on colors in her paintings. That love of color has become a staple in her choices for street painting.  In just over three years, she has moved on from flat, bright images to develop her passion for colors and just how far she can push the limits.  Her style continues to evolve in street painting, by her mixed use of carefully selected reproductions and inspired original pieces.




Naomi Haverland is a full time artist from Denver Colorado. She specializes in realistic portraits and whimsical candid expressions. She has been painting murals with paint for 15 years and with chalk for 8 years. Her work can be recognized on many outdoor walls and indoor galleries around Denver.



ERIK GREENAWALT (Irwin, Pennsylvania, USA)

By day, Erik Greenawalt is a CPA (the boring debits and credits type) working in corporate finance for a large Pittsburgh-based grocery chain. But on weekends, he puts on his other CPA hat – Chalk Pavement Artist – and adds life to driveways, streets and sidewalks from New York to Florida. Erik’s interest in chalk art began about a decade ago when doodling in the driveway with his then-toddlers, Jaycie and Jenna. Crude stick figures began morphing into more-sophisticated Disney princesses and, last year, 3D renderings of Olaf and Emmet the Lego Man. He became known in the neighborhood as “The Chalking Dad” – and the name has stuck. He still takes most of his drawing orders from his daughters (who sometimes chalk alongside him at festivals), which results in fun, colorful pieces -- and not just cartoons anymore. Often, Erik teams up with Lori Hughes as 'The Chalk Monsters'. You can find more of their work at www.thechalkmonsters.com


JENNIFER CHAPARRO (Palm Beach, Florida)

Jennifer's work shows a unique talent for capturing faces and expressions.  By working to duplicate the colors and shading of the original art, Jennifer creates stunning pieces.  The 3D anamorphic art is mind-boggling and in high demand.  Using soft pastel chalk and tempera paint on pavement or concrete surfaces, these large works of art are washed away after each event.  Jennifer's philosophy is that street painting is as much about the performance and execution, as it is about the art.  The immediacy and challenges of the "canvas", weather and medium make each piece special and unique.  Usually over the course of 2 days, each piece comes to life before your eyes.  Constantly looking for new challenges, she is open to new materials and processes, and will chalk on just about anything.  She also has expanded into creating permanent murals.



Cass has devoted her life to education and the arts. After teaching programming and animation for 4 years and working another 10 as a production artist in the video game industry, Cass decided to take up street painting as a way to get out of the office and reconnect with the community. What started as a hobby in 2011, blossomed into a lifestyle. Cass now travels all over the US (and Canada!) sharing her unique, colorful style, her vast knowledge and love of public art. She loves to experiment with new techniques, surfaces and mediums. Cass is attracted to difficult situations. She believes nothing is impossible, you can adapt and problem solve your way out of anything. "Getting comfortable with discomfort is critical to success!"



Carlos Alberto is a 30 years old Mexican painter. He discovered art since he was very young, spending most of his childhood time drawing and painting, putting his works in events and competitions, with great success.  In his artistic career he won lots of local and national accolades and participated in almost 50 art exhibitions. He also study the career of restoration and art conservation, working on important projects in Mexico, but since the street art was introduced to him six years ago, he started to get involved, now having participation in street art festivals around America, Europe and Asia. Now he dedicate his whole time to work on the streets, also in the making of mural paintings.


BARB YOUNG (Cambridge, Ontario)

Barbara’s sketchbooks are filled with visual imagery and her unique version of stylized realism. Barbara’s style of art often refers to cubism and ancient art forms however; her work has a more geometric composition developed by using a combination of intricate line work and simplified shapes. The prevailing theme of her work describes the complex relationships between humans and nature. Street art is a new genre for Barbara. Also, street art’s wide appeal to a diverse audience encourages the inspiration needed by the artist to explore new ideas. Barbara will be one of many artists contributing to Canada’s 150 year celebration piece at our 2017 International Street Art Festival.



RUBEN PONCIA (Netherlands)

Ruben started as a musician in the streets, playing guitar and harmonica. After playing in numerous bands all over the country, the income wasn’t enough so he turned to his talents as an illustrator and painter in 1996. The intial years provided for him painting large billboard ads, advertising new movies and productions. Ruben is multi-talented and enjoys painting in acrylic and oil paint in a realistic or surrealistic style, sometimes making use of perspective tricks. While coming in contact with street painting, he could use his tricks for anamorphic (3D) street art. Now, 3D art is his main occupation, performing in 5-10 festivals per year and doing commercial work all over the world in such places as Germany, England, Mexico and soon in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada!




Adry initiates her career as a painter being 4 years old by receiving her first prize in an infantile painting contest. Since then, she has accumulated many, many accolades. Her approach to street painting is without a doubt her first outstanding participation in the festival in Mexico 2008. Ever since, she has been invited to exhibit her art in many other festivals around the world, like USA, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Holland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, China, Dubai, Latvia, Denmark and in many states of her country. In 2014 she became Maestra Madonnara, the official title in the most traditional street painting contest from Italy. As an 3D artist, she worked for some companies like Disney, Adidas, Comex (Mexican paint), Barcel (Chips), Dopper, Keen and the Van Gogh Museum.


DAVE BRENNER (Chelsea, Michigan)

Born and raised in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Dave Brenner hails from Fairbanks, Alaska and currently resides with his chalk artist wife, Shelley Brenner, in Chelsea Michigan. He holds a BFA with a concentration in painting and a BA in theater from the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. He is now the Creative Director at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment. His fine art and photography has been featured at multiple venues throughout Alaska and the Midwest. Dave discovered that his dual passions for painting and acting translated seamlessly into street painting. He loves to bring images to life in large scale while engaging with interested passersby.



SHELLEY BRENNER (Chelsea, Michigan)

Shelley Brenner discovered street painting several years ago through a local chalk art competition in her hometown of Chelsea, Michigan.  Since that time she has participated in a variety of chalk events throughout the Midwest and has enjoyed sharing her love of chalk art as a featured artist.  A lifelong artist, Shelley began her higher education with a fine arts scholarship at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  Today she works as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Lansing, MI.



MARLON YANES (Redwood City, California)

Originally from Guatemala, but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. Went to a local community college for multimedia but I always had art as a hobby and now it's my 9-5, and my 24/7 it wasn't until 2009 that I actually got introduce to 'madonnari', and fell in love with the art. I did Palo Alto Festival of the Arts Festival for 5 years, and in 2015 I finally spread my wings and was able to participate in Santa Barbara Mandonnari, Marin- Italian Street Painting Festival in California and I was part of the team to attempt to break the world record in Sarasota, Florida working a long side with Kurt Wenner. I have always been about the idea of its not the quantity of festivals you do, but the quality of work you do at the festival you do, do.


LORI HUGHES (Columbus, Ohio)

Lori Hughes is a 2003 art graduate of Youngstown State University who now resides in the Columbus, Ohio, area.  She started creating chalk art after visiting the 2005 Via Colori festival in Columbus. Never having done something in that scale on pavement, she knew she wanted to give it a try – so in 2006 her passion for chalk art began. Since then, Lori has participated in chalk events from Ohio to New York to Florida.  She also runs her own chalk festival each summer in Alliance, Ohio, where she grew up. When Lori is not chalking, she is creating custom painted shoes. Often, Lori teams up with Erik Greenawalt as 'The Chalk Monsters'. You can find more of their work at www.thechalkmonsters.com